You have most likely heard of Social CRM more than once before, but you may be asking yourself what exactly it is and you it can benefit you and your business. Which is why in our article today at Social & Loyal, we want to answer these questions for you, and more!

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Although there are longer and more detailed definitions, to put it in a nutshell, it is essentially a business strategy that focuses on the client.
By adding a social angle to this client relationship management, we get a much wider and ample topic. By Social CRM we mean an action strategy focused on the client, through social media. In other words, it is an ensemble of actions to achieve a goal (sales, wider outreach, generating more conversions, etc.) that we are able to implement thanks to the relationship we can have with our clients or potential clients through social networks such as Facebook.

What are the advantages of Social CRM?

Social CRM has lots of advantages (even more than conventional CRM), as it gives us the opportunity to interact with clients, get to know their tastes and needs as well as collect information about them.
In this sense, thanks to the data given by social media, the company can obtain valuable information about their followers’ (and/or clients’) like, wishes and needs, and can save them in their database to use in future marketing strategies.

It is also an excellent way to get to know the market trends, to improve the engagement on our social platforms (and the participation) and to promote the use of social media as a customer service platform. We can use platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and convert them into channels where we can listen to client complaints or answer their questions, giving us a more informal channel, allowing for a more personal and direct relationship.

It is not, however, a strategy that is limited to just one company department, but rather a more interdependent action plan that affects several aspects, like the marketing department, sales, etc.

How can I implement Social CRM in my business?

If you are interested in the whole Social CRM concept and want to implement it in your business, people most often rely on a specialized program or software. These platforms are designed to collect the data you specify from social media, analyze it, implement dynamization strategies, gaming, and much much more.

Stay tuned for more information in our next post!

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