Designing a contest on social media is not necessarily different from creating any other type of contest. However, if you are wanting to use social media to encourage brand loyalty within your social loyalty program, there are some specific considerations to make.

Firstly, you need to find a way to engage the user. With the heightened competition online, you will need to get creative and stand out. Getting creative doesn’t just mean the prize. In fact, as long as it is desirable and in some way related to your brand, the prize itself is often the least of your considerations.

In order to increase your brand loyalty, you will want to find a contest which appeals to the average social media user’s own online presence. Fortunately, we at Social&Loyal have some ideas to get you started.


Facebook Photo Contest

Facebook Photo Contest

One of the biggest problems trying to build customer loyalty on Facebook (as well as other aspects of your brand) is converting your reach into clicks. You can have many popular posts on Facebook but, while not without value, if you don’t have users engage with you in the right way, it won’t necessarily feed into sales.

One of the best and most fun ways to promote your brand on Facebook is with a photo contest. Photo contests give you as a brand something to sink your teeth into. They not only encourage loyalty in your existing customers, but they can extend your reach, boost engagement and provide invaluable feedback. 74% of social media marketers know that visual assets on these platforms are priceless.

Photo contests can be as simple as posting two pictures and having followers vote for their favorite. While this might provide some idle distraction, without a good customer loyalty program it won’t do much for you in terms of building custom.

A better idea is to use Facebook to promote your own contest. Choose a theme for the contest. If, for example, you were a car dealership, you could ask people to take a picture of their car with the most interesting backdrop.

You use Facebook to promote the contest, chart progress and reveal winners, but submissions can only be made when users sign up to your customer loyalty platform. Equally, when Facebook users want to vote, they also have to sign up to the platform. To encourage them to do this, an incentive of multiple prizes (and winners) is provided.

This means you not only get greater reach and engagement on Facebook, but you can turn this into real customer loyalty. With 2.56 billion social media users as of August 2017, 71% are likely to recommend a company or brand if they had a positive experience with them on social media.

Winning a prize, viewing interesting pictures and enjoying a good competition are some of the best ways to provide a positive experience on social media. This can help you dip into one of the best resources at your finger tips.


Cooking Contest

Now that you have some idea of how social media contests can generate customer loyalty, you will want to find more creative ideas for contests. To do this, you should also know your demographic. If you want to use gamification in your social loyalty program to provide engagement with your contest, and you should want to, you should know about who is playing. The average age of players is 30 years old, with only slightly more males playing than females.

With this information in mind, a great contest to promote your brand is a cooking contest. Users cook a meal and upload pictures or videos of it to your customer loyalty program. Whether free and single or providing for a young family, food and drink is integral to many users’ social media presence. Showing off their food is something many will do without a contest, so using it for your brand could be a big winner.


Feedback Contest

Feedback contests are a great way to kill two birds with one stone. A feedback contest essentially involves users signing up to your loyalty program and providing feedback on your product or service. Once they do so, they will be entered in to a draw to win a prize.

You not only get email addresses and customer loyalty, but you get specific analytical information which can help you to guide your brand in the right direction. You could make it even simpler by having users on social media vote between certain products to see where the future of your company is headed. This works especially well if you have limited edition products you are considering extending.


Essay Contest

Essay contests are a little more taxing on the user, but if it fits with your brand, then they can reap great rewards for you. However, this also means the reward for the user must also be great. As much as social media users enjoy spreading their opinions wantonly on different platforms, getting someone to write a long piece for your brand takes effort.

The essay should say something about a trending topic which can somehow be related to your brand. This will help increase your brand’s “viralness” and help users’ creative efforts get out there at the same time. If an essay seems too taxing, a poetry contest in a similar vein can work.


Selfie Contest

Like the Facebook photo contest, a selfie contest is a great way to use the innate narcissism of social media to your advantage. Have users upload a selfie which is somehow related to your brand and it can help generate engagement. You can define the theme, which can be related to your brand, values, services, etc. People take selfies all the time, give them the perfect excuse to upload more to boost your social loyalty program!


“Like” Race Contest

Have users create a post on a social media platform relating to your brand. The race entails users garnering likes until the first person to reach a certain number wins a prize. The number of likes needs to be attainable enough so that even users with limited followers will be tempted to enter, but big enough to help promote your brand.

Once they reach the number they can submit it for proof and you can promote the winner on your own feed. This race for likes means your brand is being seen by many followers with users actively promoting you to receive the contest prize.


Sweepstakes Contest

We save one of the most simple social media contests for last. A sweepstakes contest simply requires a user to sign up to your customer loyalty platform and enter into a draw for the prize. Promoting it through social media will help direct users to your customer loyalty program.

While it may not be as fun or creative as the other suggestions on this list, according to some reports, sweepstakes are the most popular way to provide a contest on social media.


Try out some of these contests on your own and let us know how the go! Schedule a call with our loyalty experts today to learn how your brand can grow its social loyalty!



Sergi Renom
Software Engineer & Head of Customer Support

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