Many companies lovingly prepared their Social Media strategies but they make a fundamental error: forgetting to include Google Plus. It is true that this platform has not taken off as well as others and many consider it not worth investing their time and resources into it, since much of their audience either doesn’t have a profile or are not active. However, it is still interesting for many reasons. We will tell you why it is a serious flaw to leave the social network of Google out of your strategy and some reasons why you should consider it when planning your social networks. Let’s get started!


SEO Benefits

One of the main reasons to use Google Plus, especially if your company is medium or small sized, is for the benefits it can bring to your web positioning. We should not forget that it is a product of Google and it is precisely this seeker who controls the search market in Spain and Europe. Having a Google Plus profile and uploading your blog post, for example, can be a major boost for your content marketing efforts. It will help you position your company’s blog and get more visitors.


Well-positioned publications

Google Plus publications appear in the pages of search engine results, which will provide more visits and readings. It is, therefore, a good way to gain visibility and reach new audiences. Even if you don’t obtain a large amount of Google + followers, this social network still holds a lot of power when it comes to positioning your publications in search results since it is, after all, owned by Google. 


Take advantage of Hangouts

Another of the interesting aspects of Google Plus that can help in the social media strategy of your company is Hangouts (multichannel messaging platform). This lets you communicate with professionals in your sector, participate in discussions or debate and discuss current issues. It is also the perfect tool for organizing webinars, seminars, events, etc. and gives more visibility to the actions you take in your company.


It has many targeting options

The organization provides many circles targeting options, allowing you to send your message only to groups you consider being relevant. Facebook allows you to segment by age or country, but Google Plus goes one step further in this direction and gives you the option to go to professional circles, friends, family, etc. if used well this can be a very powerful marketing tool.

As you can see, Google Plus is a very interesting tool that is often not taken enough into account in social media strategies. For us, it is a good weapon we recommend to users as it provides significant benefits, especially in terms of positioning and content distribution.

As I have been explaining on Social&Loyal’s blogs, we are dealing with a very cool project that will see the light of day soon and aims to help energize your social networks. At the moment, we cannot say much more, but soon we will explain all of the details. As the time comes, do not forget to read us and as I always say, see you in the next post!

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Kelly Rogan
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