What is Social & Loyal?

Social&Loyal is a social CRM suite created for loyalty and promotion purposes through social networks. By means of a simple platform integrated in facebook, your customers can be rewarded with prizes in exchange of making many different actions valuable for your business.

Social&Loyal makes easy to acquire new customers, engage and retain those you already have and gather relevant information about them.

Who are our customers?

These are some of the brands that have already created their loyalty and promotion clubs using Social&Loyal platform. The big diversity of the sectors that use the Social&Loyal platform shows the versatility and power of the solution.


Who do we work with?

We only work with the best marketing agencies in order to obtain the best results running Social&Loyal platform in premium brands. These are some of them.


  • Professional CRM

    Professional CRM

    With our first in class management dashboard you will be able to know who your customers are and track all the metrics you need about customer acquisition, loyalty or engagement in order to take effective marketing actions.
  • Express time to market

    Express time to market

    Social&Loyal is a closed solution that allows you to launch a full operational loyalty program in a blink of an eye (less than one week) at a fraction of the cost of a custom one.
  • Increase your ROI

    Increase your ROI

    Get a real return of your Social Media marketing expenses. Open new communication channels, gather relevant and organized feedback, reward purchase repetition or organize draws and contests for your customers. All that with a single tool!
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